19 September

More tickets made available…

Opening night for ‘My Big Fat Cowpat Wedding’ at Newhampton Arts Cen [...]

17 September

Getting into character…

As rehearsals continue for My Big Fat Cow Pat Wedding the actors get to grips w [...]

12 September

Nicola Cartwright talks ‘stage management’…

As part of new production ‘My Big Fat Cow Pat Wedding’ Vimal Korpal [...]

12 September

The First Dance

It’s been an energetic few days at rehearsals with Aaron and Aimee (playin [...]

11 September

A Spooky Night at Thimblemill Library

Great to see promoters ‘Friends of Thimblemill Library’ getting read [...]

9 September

Ample Amounts of Tea Needed – It’s time for rehearsals

Vimal Korpal gives us the lowdown from the first day of rehearsals for My Big Fa [...]