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Testing, testing…..Training days at BCT


Keeping up with the digital world has always been both good fun and a struggle here at BCT.

We’re being encouraged by Arts Council – our principal funder to make more and more information available on line, and more and more art available the same way. This has led to things like the Behna webcast and the collaboration with The Other Way Works on their bandstand project.

Today we have Sakab and Alex in taking us through the new website, which will look pretty much the same to the user, but will give us more flexibility when creating posts for it.

So we’re trying not to look too blank when they tell us about things like short codes, featured images and sliders, we’re typing away on our iPads like three fingered monkeys and laughing a lot.

Keep coming and having a look, it could get an awful lot better (or an awful lot worse…)

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