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Behna (Sisters) – by Sonia Likhari

[teaser_large]Black Country Touring is working with Kali Theatre Company and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre to produce Behna in real kitchens.[/teaser_large]

Behna is a play based in a Punjabi household set the day before a family wedding. As the guests are busy eating, singing and dancing, tension is brewing in the kitchen. Truths are told and secrets unfold between two generations of sisters. Fast-paced, funny and moving, Behna looks through the keyhole of a family home to reveal secrets and lies.

[youtube height=”344″ width=”560″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kK0NuxpqoE[/youtube]

Six homes are hosting the play across the Black Country for their own private guests: of friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

A live webcast from a kitchen in Wolverhampton will be broadcast at 7pm on Saturday 20 March 2010 at www.bctouring.co.uk/behna

Watch from the comfort of your own computer or call a few friends round and make an evening of it by watching together. To get more involved or for ideas for your own Behna party see Behna Party pack.

Black Country Touring is working with Trilby Multimedia to make the live webcast of Behna possible. It will be a full house of guests, performers, 3 cameras, vision mixer and sound operator – in one large kitchen.

There will be live chat for one hour before and after the performance hosted by Deesho Auntie with questions for the director and cast.

Behna can also be experienced in the flesh from Wednesday 3 to Thursday 18 March at a rented house on Weoley Park Road, Selly Oak in Birmingham.

For tickets visit www.birmingham-rep.co.uk/event/behna

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  1. James

    This production sounds great. I had a group of friends who wanted to see it but unfortunately when we tried to book just a few days ago all the seats had been sold. If there are plans for additional performances or an extended run please let me know…

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